Bio Reading List

August 2016

Reading, Reading, Reading! Reading for research and Reading to support a deeper understanding of the subject. It can be a tricky one with some DP students. For one they already have six subjects plus TOK, Extended Essay and CAS and so encouragement to take up some “outside” reading of their subjects can appear to some of them as overkill and an extra burden. Secondly in the internet age I notice that more students will readily turn to google and a variety of dubious websites to try to quickly find information in the name of “research” for assignments, instead of relying on their course textbook as the first recourse for research.

How to get students using the materials like reference textbooks more readily as well as encouraging a deeper interest in the subject is a perennial question for me.

Below is a list of books that I give to DP biology students which I started compiling in 2014. Some of these I award as internal prizes for a variety of competitions and some I try to build into my course.

You can now add to this list and download your own copy by clicking here.

If you do download please do add to the list.