Registering for the International Award’s Online Record Book

If you have decided to undertake the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – congratulations!

No doubt you are excited to get underway. Part of the process of the international award depends on identifying activities for your sections: skill, service and physical recreation as well as deciding what you will do for your adventurous journey.

Each section will need a goal that is achievable and that you can work towards realistically in the time that you have available for it. You should decide on your activities and their aims with your Award Leader.

Once you have  decided on your activity you need to register with the International Awards Online Record Book or ORB here. Maintaining accurate records on the ORB is essential to successfully completing your award.

Use the two videos below to help you navigate the process of registering with the International Award ORB.


Once you have completed the steps shown in first video, you will have to wait for a few hours to receive an email from the International Award ORB asking you to confirm your email. Do this and then once your Award Leader has confirmed you as a participant you will receive another email that will have your log in details for the ORB. These and the next steps are shown in the following video.

I hope this helps you to get set up. Leave any comments if you have questions.

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