EdTech Tip: Inserting & Editing Audio files into Mac Powerpoint 2016

May 2016

In these two video I show you how you can add an audio file into a powerpoint presentation and how you can change the audio icon to display something a little more interesting than a sound icon.

EdTech Tip: Creating a clip of a podcast

April 2016

Using podcasts can be a great way to engage students with new material. Podcasts can be used in a wide range of ways but assuming that you only want to use a few minutes of an episode it is best to clip or trim the section of the podcast that you to efficiently bring it into a teaching sequence. In this video I show you how.


EdTech Tip: Using preview to merge and edit pdfs

April 2016

Ever wished you could combine two pdf documents or better yet combine one page of one pdf with one page from another pdf? Well you can very easily if you own a Mac. This video will show you how:


EdTech Tip: Using Quicktime to trim a video

April 2016

If you are a Mac user there is a very handy way to trim films, documentaries and other similar media using Quicktime. Once the video is trimmed it can easily be inserted into relevant presentations. The video below will show you how to do it: