EdTech Tip: Using Quicktime to trim a video

April 2016

If you are a Mac user there is a very handy way to trim films, documentaries and other similar media using Quicktime. Once the video is trimmed it can easily be inserted into relevant presentations. The video below will show you how to do it:

EdTech Tips: Screencasting for teachers and students

April 2016

I have prepared two very short introductions to screencasting on a computer as opposed to an iPad. Both methods are free and require no purchasing of additional software. One uses quicktime, software that comes available with Macs and the other uses a website, screencast-o-matic that can be accessed by both PC and Mac users.

Screencasts can also be produced on an iPad using the explain everything app. I haven’t included a video of this as I do not currently use an iPad in my classroom but you can see a video of this here.

I made these videos with my students in mind and would use these methods to introduce screencasting to my students before moving on to additional tasks that would require an ability to screencast. I will shortly be adding a post that will show some exemplar student work that utilised screencasting.

Screencasting with Quicktime

Screencasting with Screencast-o-matic