EdTech Tip: How to use firefox to download embedded swf files

May 2016

Do you use animations regularly in your teaching? Have you ever been in a situation where a much loved and used animation on the web is no longer available. In this video I show you how to download .swf or flash animation files for permanent storage on your machine. That way you can consistently rely on them in your teaching. Please make sure that you reference your sources appropriately when you do use these animations.

EdTech Tip: Creating a clip of a podcast

April 2016

Using podcasts can be a great way to engage students with new material. Podcasts can be used in a wide range of ways but assuming that you only want to use a few minutes of an episode it is best to clip or trim the section of the podcast that you to efficiently bring it into a teaching sequence. In this video I show you how.


EdTech Tips: Online Sketchpad

April 2016

Sketchpad 3.7 is a web based drawing platform that is completely free. Combined with an ability to screencast, this software can be used by students to make their thinking visible and audible. Teachers can also use it to prepare drawings for use in videos or presentations. The video below shows you how to access it and gives a (brief) introduction to using it.

(I will shortly add a post that shows it being used by students)

EdTech Tips: Screencasting for teachers and students

April 2016

I have prepared two very short introductions to screencasting on a computer as opposed to an iPad. Both methods are free and require no purchasing of additional software. One uses quicktime, software that comes available with Macs and the other uses a website, screencast-o-matic that can be accessed by both PC and Mac users.

Screencasts can also be produced on an iPad using the explain everything app. I haven’t included a video of this as I do not currently use an iPad in my classroom but you can see a video of this here.

I made these videos with my students in mind and would use these methods to introduce screencasting to my students before moving on to additional tasks that would require an ability to screencast. I will shortly be adding a post that will show some exemplar student work that utilised screencasting.

Screencasting with Quicktime

Screencasting with Screencast-o-matic