Started in April 2016, Through the Threshold is a log of a personal journey about learning about education. Despite having taught since 2008, I still feel I have a long way to go to reach mastery in this field. I write to share my opinions and fully expect that I may well be wrong on a great many things. I believe the only way for me to pass through the threshold concepts of teaching is through practice, reflection and discussions. All my opinions expressed in this blog are fluid and subject to change.

I am an educator who started working as an unqualified teacher in 2008, after completing an MSc in conservation biology at UCL that same year. I since qualified via the IOE’s graduate training program and Northampton’s PGCE top-up course. I have worked as a biology teacher, TOK teacher, university guidance counsellor, IB DP coordinator, in the UK, Switzerland and China.

I started this website and blog in April 2016 to allow me to play around and learn how to set up a website and partly to enable me to share resources for biology teaching that I had created, in the hope that I would find more interaction with other biology teachers online.

For a variety of reasons, the initial website didn’t develop in the direction I originally planned. I found WordPress a little too clunky with which to build a website dedicated to DP biology and I found that much of my thinking was taken up with my guidance program and naturally this means that most my writing was to do with the issues I face in this area.

Today writing my blog is primarily a way for me to get my thoughts straight with the added bonus of inviting comment and further discussion from colleagues. I write because it helps me learn. I write because sharing my experiences may help others and if one person finds what I write useful then I will have done something meaningful.

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I enjoy reading your thoughts in this area. As a fellow educator who also draws upon / is somewhat familiar with sci ed & cog sci research, I think your expertise and literature knowledge base might make for a useful contribution to the journal literature in the field. So often we find things written by researchers who are not practitioners, but you seem to have a good handle on both!

Hi, I noticed in your “about” you initially used WP and commented about that. If you are not using WP in the site now, what are you using?
I am still new to making a website and am thinking along the same lines as your “about” section to use blogging as a way for me to jot down my learning path.

Great to stumble across your site.

Hi Jay, yes using wordpress for this blog but googlesites for my DP bio site.

Please share your thoughts..

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