Learning to teach…


  1. Is content king?
  2. Goals for 2016-2017
  3. Routines
  4. What is the best place to start teaching DP biology?
  5. From Knowledge to Understandings
  6. Sequencing facts before concepts: natural selection
  7. What I learned about teaching biology this year 17-18
  8. Reflections from examining 2018
  9. Developing a progression model for IBDP biology
  10. Teaching genetic databases
  11. Biology vocabulary
  12. EAL Resources for biology classes
  13. Intensive EAL support and differentiation in biology
  14. This much I know about EAL teaching
  15. EAL Resources for biology classes
  16. Grade 12 revision advice
  17. Practical work and the internal assessment
  18. COVID-19 2: eLearning on a hairpin


  1. A summary of the structure of knowledge (Oxford ContEd TOK course assignment 1)
  2. Reductionism and the problem of testimonial belief (Oxford ContEd TOK course assignment 2)
  3. TOK logical fallacies activity
  4. You don’t have a right to believe whatever you want to
  5. Philosophy 4 Children (P4C)
  6. Curriculum Coherence: TOK & P4C concept lightbulbs
  7. What books do TOK teachers recommend?
  8. What films do TOK teachers recommend?

Learning to provide….

Global university guidance

  1. Understanding the IB TOK and EE for Admissions
  2. IBDP University Admissions and English Language Requirements
  3. Creating a University and Careers Guidance Program (Part 1)
  4. Creating a University and Careers Guidance Program (Part 2)
  5. Creating a University and Careers Guidance Program (Part 3)
  6. Creating a University and Careers Guidance Program (Part 4)
  7. 13 reflections at the end of my first guidance cycle
  8. Life-long on the job learning: creating a guidance program from scratch (part 1)
  9. Life-long on the job learning: creating a guidance program from scratch (part 2)
  10. The Future You Festival
  11. Team culture: teachers and counsellors
  12. Guidance Handover Notes part 1
  13. Guidance Handover Notes part 2
  14. Counsellor day at Esade
  15. Going Dutch: An overview of Dutch HE 
  16. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CHUK) and The University of Hong Kong (HKU)
  17. Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)
  18. UniBudy and BridgeU
  19. Working with BridgeU
  20. Global University Guidance: Review of #edtech platforms
    1. Unifrog: review
    2. BridgeU: review
    3. MaiaLearning: review
    4. Cialfo: review

Diploma Programme Coordination

  1. Coordinator Training week 1: The evolving role of the Diploma Programme Coordinator
  2. Coordinator Training week 2: Supporting the IBDP curriculum
  3. Coordinator Training week 3: Delivering the core of the IBDP
  4. Coordinator Training week 4: Taking your Diploma Programme to the next level
  5. NPQSL 1: Towards a strategy: mission, vision and data
  6. NPQSL 2: The role of curriculum
  7. NPQSL 3: Models of change and influence
  8. NPQSL 4: Parental engagement with learning
  9. NQPSL project: IBDP Curriculum Coherence
  10. IBDP Induction
  11. Developing a school wide Academic Honesty Policy I
  12. Developing a school wide Academic Honesty Policy II
  13. Whole school support for EAL learners I
  14. Whole school support for EAL learners II
  15. The Extended Essay: The central support for teaching ATL skills?
  16. Integrating TOK into the IBDP
  17. Integrating EE into the IBDP
  18. Reflections: First term in senior leadership
  19. Summary of Assessment Principles and Practices
  20. Authentic learning, real world meaning.
  21. The DP Coordinators view: maths internal assessment
  22. The DP Coordinators view: language orals
  23. The DP Coordinators view: language level placement I
  24. The DP Coordinators view: language level placement II

Learning about…


  1. Learning Theory and Educational Neuroscience (PGCE assignment)
  2. Teacher Understandings of Educational Neuroscience (PGCE assignment)
  3. To what extent could Low Fee Private Schools aid development in The Republic of South Sudan? (MA assignment – CTI module)
  4. Education for  happiness? Relationships between Nationalism, Development and Education in Bhutan’s National Education Policy (MA Assignment – Education and Development in Asia module)
  5. Can the expansion of private schooling in developing countries serve to improve access, efficiency, quality and equity in basic education? The case of primary education in South Sudan
  6. To what extent can low fee international education programmes, aid the process of decolonization in post-colonial Mozambique?
  7. A list of good open questions to use in teaching
  8. What is the evidence for the IB ideology?
  9. 100th Post: Learning in the age of Humanism
  10. Learning in the age of Dataism
  11. The advent of educational genomics?
  12. Remembering stuff
  13. Burn, heretic, burn!
  14. Why revising for seven hours a day isn’t necessarily a bad thing
  15. Side effects in Education
  16. UK student loans: just a graduate tax?
  17. A reflection on climate strikes
  18. Why I am not a fan of the MYP


  1. COVD-19 1: Scratching at the bark
  2. COVID-19 3: Leadership in a time of crisis?
  3. Quality assurance?


  1. Out with the old in with the new
  2. New DP Biology website launched
  3. Teaching #tags
  4. What I learned about edtech (part 1: social media)
  5. What I learned about edtech (part 2: mobile tech)
  6. What I learned about edtech (part 3: screencasting)
  7. Edtech tip: screencasting
  8. Edtech tip: online sketchpad
  9. Edtech tip: trimming video in quicktime
  10. Edtech tip: downloading film with clipgrab
  11. Edtech tip: Using preview to merge and edit pdfs
  12. Edtech tip: creating a clip of a podcast
  13. Edtech tip: using firefox to download embedded swf files
  14. Edtech tip: inserting audio files into PowerPoint


  1. My favourite quotes
  2. Review: How to raise an adult
  3. Review: Making thinking visible
  4. Review: What if everything you knew about education was wrong?
  5. Review: Millionaire Teacher & Expat Millionaire
  6. Review: Notes on Trivium 21C
  7. Notes on making good progress by Daisy Christodoulou
  8. Thoughts on Mary Myatt’s Curriculum: Gallimaufry to Coherence
  9. The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt
  10. My reads by year
  11. Through the threshold library
    1. The education bookshelf
    2. The biologist’s bookshelf
    3. The TOK teachers bookshelf
    4. The guidance bookshelf
    5. The parenting bookshelf
    6. The miscellaneous bookshelf

Anything else?

  1. COVID -19 2: A COVID-19 adventure
  2. International teaching and your pension
  3. A Travel Diary of four weeks in the Horn of Africa

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