I am an educator who started working as an unqualified teacher in 2008, after completing an MSc in conservation biology at UCL that same year. I since qualified via the IOE’s graduate training program and Northampton’s PGCE top-up course. I am currently a biology teacher, university advisor, IB examiner and workshop leader. I moved to Switzerland in 2012.

I started this website and blog in April 2016 to allow me to play around and learn how to set up a website and partly to enable me to share resources for biology teaching that I had created, in the hope that I would find more interaction with other biology teachers online.

For a variety of reasons, the initial website didn’t develop in the direction I originally planned. I found WordPress a little too clunky with which to build a website dedicated to DP biology and I found that much of my thinking was taken up with my guidance program and naturally this means that most my writing was to do with the issues I face in this area. Writing my blog is primarily a way for me to get my thoughts straight with the added bonus of inviting comment and further discussion from colleagues.

This website has therefore involved into a blog where I reflect on my experience working in the international school sector.

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  1. I enjoy reading your thoughts in this area. As a fellow educator who also draws upon / is somewhat familiar with sci ed & cog sci research, I think your expertise and literature knowledge base might make for a useful contribution to the journal literature in the field. So often we find things written by researchers who are not practitioners, but you seem to have a good handle on both!

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