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The biologist’s bookshelf

One of the first things that I did when I started this blog was to publish the bio reading list, basically a list of books that I considered useful for biology teachers and their students to read. That post is a little tired now, so I update it to the biologist’s bookshelf and include all the books that I have read since it was published.

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  1. Bad Science – by Ben Goldacre
  2. The sixth extinction: an unnatural history – by Elizabeth Kolbert
  3. Thirteen things that don’t make sense – by Michael Brooks
  4. The magic of reality – by Richard Dawkins
  5. The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks – by Rebecca Skloot
  6. Creation: the origin of life/the future of life – by Adam Rutherford
  7. The language of life – by Francis Collins
  8. The rational optimist – by Matt Ridley
  9. Quantum evolution: the new science of life – by Johnjoe Mcfadden
  10. The diversity of life – by E.O. Wilson
  11. Impossibility – by John Barrow
  12. Collapse – by Jared Diamond
  13. Thinking, fast and slow – by Daniel Kahneman
  14. The self illusion – by Bruce Hood
  15. The selfish gene – by Richard Dawkins
  16. Genome – by Matt Ridley
  17. Your inner fish – by Neil Shubin
  18. The secret life of trees – by Colin Tudge
  19. The man who mistook his wife for a hat – Oliver Sacks
  20. The Handmaid’s tail – by Margaret Atwood
  21. The Inheritors – by William Golding
  22. The Baroque cycle – by Neal Stephenson
  23. Seveneves – by Neal Stephenson
  24. Aping mankind – by Raymond Tallis
  25. Getting Darwin wrong – by Brendan Wallace
  26. The vital question – by Nick Lane
  27. Life Ascending – by Nick Lane
  28. The greatest show on earth – by Richard Dawkins
  29. The song of the Dodo – by David Quammen
  30. The lives of a cell – by Lewis Thomas
  31. Why evolution is true – by Jerry Coyne
  32. Faith vs fact – by Jerry Coyne
  33. The Serengeti rules – by Sean Carroll
  34. Being mortal – by Atul Gawande
  35. Patient H.M. – by Luke Dittrich
  36. A brief history of everyone whoever lived – by Adam Rutherford
  37. I contain multitudes – by Ed Yong
  38. Neanderthal man – by Svante Paabo
  39. The serpents promise – by Steve Jones
  40. The book of humans – Adam Rutherford
  41. When breath becomes air – Paul Kalanithi
  42. This is going to hurt – Adam Kay
  43. Stiff – Mary Roach
  44. I, Mammal – Liam Drew
  45. Superior – Angela Saini
  46. Parasite Rex – Carl Zimmer
  47. What is life? – Erwin Schrodinger
  48. The Demon in the machine – Paul Davies
  49. The body – Bill Bryson
  50. The incredible unlikeliness of being – Alice Roberts
  51. The Epigenetics Revolution – Nessa Carey
  52. Junk DNA – Nessa Carey
  53. The Tangled Tree – David Quammen
  54. The Gene – Siddhartha Mukherjee
  55. A Crack in Creation – Jennifer Doudna
  56. Factfulness – Hans Rosling
  57. Life on Earth – David Attenborough
  58. 10 million aliens – Simon Barnes
  59. Biology as ideology – Richard Lewontin

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